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Russ Teubner, co-founder and CEO of HostBridge

Date: Tuesday 8 May 2018
Time: 10:30am CDT, 16:30 BST
Title: Putting CICS on the SIEM Radar Screen
Presenter: Russ Teubner
Abstract: Most organizations that use SIEM platforms have a visibility gap where mainframes are concerned. Transactions originating in the cloud or via mobile applications go off the SIEM radar when they enter the mainframe. When there is a need to have an end-to-end view of these transactions to diagnose a problem, or perhaps audit customer service levels (not to mention security), this is problematic.

Until now, SIEM vendors and most of their enterprise customers have chosen to live with this gap. Some were so troubled by it that they developed DIY solutions to close the gap, or they relied on vendor-developed 'hooks' into CICS and other mainframe applications to get a complete, end-to-end view. The cost of putting programmatic hooks into CICS, however, often increased maintenance, added a performance penalty, or jeopardized stability.

IBM provided a path for relief when it added the Transaction Tracking infrastructure to CICS, enabling the tracking of what goes on inside and across regions. Vendors such as Syncsort through its Ironstream solution, and now HostBridge through the HostBridge Transaction Analytics Connector, provide an easy path for enterprises to gain the insight they need into the impact of Web and mobile transactions on the mainframe. During this presentation, Teubner will talk about the importance of putting CICS on the SIEM radar, and what options exist to do that.

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Webinar ID: 549-862-731

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