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Accelerated In-memory data access for IMS
Vendor: Data Kinetics
Data Kinetics provides in-memory table-management tools for enhancing online transaction processing environments (CICS and IMS), batch applications, and DB2 stored procedures running on IBM-compatible mainframes. Data Kinetics' products offer significant performance improvements to the mainframe environment - from front-end processing time, right down to back-end CPU cycles. In business for over 30 years, Data Kinetics offers its customers world-class products, training, and support.

Artix ESB
Vendor: Iona
Artix ESB is an extensible Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that dramatically reduces operating costs for organizations with complex and heterogeneous IT systems by managing and securing a service-oriented architecture (SOA) without a centralized hub. Artix ESB easily enhances IMS and CICS applications to call off-host services without radical changes. It extends existing applications to the enterprise without coding. It integrate IMS and CICS, IMS and CICS screen transactions (BMS and MFS), and COBOL and PL/I applications into a SOA.

Vendor: ASG
ASG-SmartTest/IMS is a component of ASG-Existing Systems Workbench (ESW), an integrated life-cycle solution for managing existing systems. It is the interactive tester and debugger for IMS/DC applications. SmartTest/IMS uses the Analytical Engine to populate the Application Knowledge Repository (AKR) to provide source-level debugging for COBOL, Assembler, and PL/I IMS/DC applications programs. With SmartTest/IMS, you can set up, execute, and log an application test session.

Vendor: ASG
ASG-TMON for IMS helps data center managers, database administrators, and system programmers identify, respond to, and resolve IMS problems. It reduces application downtime, improves transaction and application throughput, and identifies problems affecting application performance. With ASG-TMON for IMS, performance analysts and capacity planners can identify trends and plan for growth, which often enables organizations to avoid upgrade charges.

Attunity Connect IMS/TM Adapter
Vendor: Attunity
Attunity Connect provides an application adapter to IMS/TM, allowing applications to interoperate with IMS programs using XML interactions. Attunity’s interfaces can be used by applications in any computing environment including .NET, Java/J2EE, and legacy 3GL, providing a single solution for universal integration with existing IMS investments.

Backup and Recovery Solution for IMS
Vendor: BMC
BMC Backup and Recovery Solution for IMS (BRS) is an integrated solution that brings together the functions of BMC Software's four cornerstone backup and recovery products: Image Copy, Recovery, Recovery Management, and Change Accumulation. It also brings additional features from three related utilities and requires only one install, versus seven installations for standalone utilities. BRS provides exclusive proactive technology that helps ensure recoverability and reduce technical and business exposures.

CA Compress Data Compression for IMS for z/OS
Vendor: CA
Minimize the DASD space requirements for IMS databases, reduce your costs and simplify DASD management. Improve efficiency by performing compression simulation for analysis purposes, before actually compressing a database. Achieve compression yields as high as 70 to 80 percent.

CA Database Analyzer for IMS for z/OS
Vendor: CA
CA Database Analyzer for IMS for z/OS is a powerful IMS database analysis product that assists you in proactively uncovering errors that can result in data corruption. Early detection of errors allows you to address them before they impact the business. Additionally CA Database Analyzer for IMS for z/OS assists in testing and tuning of the randomizer routine needed by some high performance database types.

CA Database Copier for IMS for z/OS
Vendor: CA
CA Database Copier for IMS for z/OS simplifies IMS database image copies by creating online, offline and incremental image copies that are efficient and secure. This helps you protect critical IMS data in the event of a hardware or software error that corrupts the database.

CA Database Organizer for IMS for z/OS
Vendor: CA
CA Database Organizer for IMS for z/OS improves database availablity and performance through high-speed onine and offline maintenance tasks, including prefix resolution, data extraction, load, unload and reorganization. This allows you to safely make structural changes to the database to improve performance while minimizing negative impact on data availablity.

CA DC Monitor Extensions for IMS for z/OS
Vendor: CA
CA DC Monitor Extensions for IMS for z/OS allows you to capture Fast Path transaction information if you are running earlier IMS version 7 or earlier. This allows you to fine tune your IMS database based on a complete set of information.

CA File Master Plus for IMS
Vendor: CA
CA File Master Plus for IMS makes it easy for system and application programmers and database administrators to define multiple sets of IMS environments and to quickly and easily access these databases for data viewing, manipulation, and application testing.

CA High Performance Recovery for IMS for z/OS
Vendor: CA
CA High Performance Recovery for IMS for z/OS reduces the time needed to perform IMS database recovery, efficiently restoring data access, automatically rebuilding indexes and recovering to any point in time, reducing the impact of a recovery on your organization.

CA Mainframe Configuration Manager for IMS for z/OS
Vendor: CA
CA Mainframe Configuration Manager implements the needed changes to IMS application resource definitions without interrupting IMS access helping you meet System Level Agreements for IMS information availability.

CA Mainframe Extended Terminal Manager for IMS for z/OS
Vendor: CA
CA Mainframe Extended Terminal Manager can add or modify devices without interrupting IMS access and eliminate the need for ETO exits, helping you meet Service Level Agreements for IMS information availability.

CA Mainframe Program Restart Manager for IMS for z/OS
Vendor: CA
CA Mainframe Program Restart Manager helps save time, lower risk and prevents the delays and the possible errors that can occur when restarting certain IMS jobs. Additionally, Program Restart Manager also provides support to dynamically backout database updates that occurred after the last check point for DLI Batch JOBs that abend, preparing the JOB to be restarted. It also provides capabilities to control IMS logging system to enhance database performance and application management.

CA Secondary Index Builder for IMS for z/OS
Vendor: CA
CA Secondary Index Builder for IMS for z/OS improves database performance and availability by simply and quickly building Full Function and HALDB IMS primary and secondary indexes. It quickly rebuilds indexes after database reorganization and enhances database backup and recovery by eliminating the need to image copy and restore indexes. This saves resources and shortens the reorganization and recovery process.

CA Secondary Index for IMS for z/OS
Vendor: CA
Conserve resources and improve performance by implementing automated secondary indexing capabilities for IMS Fast Path databases. Because you won't need to create secondary indexes on the application side, you can save significant money.

CA Spool Print Management
Vendor: CA
CA Spool Print Management provides an independent spooling and print management system for all 3270-type, AFP-type, PCL-type, and PostScript-type SNA, TCP/IP, and FSS-connected printers. It provides enterprise-wide spooling and print capabilities to clients using VTAM, CICS, and IMS. CA Spool provides non-stop operation to relieve the JES workload, and collects reports from all platforms for printing, viewing, and storage into a single, centralized, secure report repository.

Clone and Rename for IMS
Vendor: Mainstar
Clone and Rename for IMS (ICR) simplifies and automates cloning IMS subsystems and selected databases within minutes instead of hours, increasing data access and productivity. Many applications have critical requirements for quick and accurate cloning of entire IMS subsystems or select databases. Using current techniques, data cloning can require the better part of a day and requires a separate LPAR. ICR utilizes fast copy technology for speed (if available), and automation to enable cloning on the same LPAR to solve these problems. ICR renames the volume internals and data sets, and updates the cloned IMS subsystem or DBRC definitions if a database was refreshed. ICR enables users to gain access to critical data incredibly fast, with minimal downtime.

CONNX - Data Access and Integration
Vendor: CONNX Solutions
Using a unique distributed SQL engine technology that allows organizations to scale from project to enterprise; from two-tiered to n-tiered; and from one to many data sources, CONNX offers real-time access to IMS data and joins IMS data with virtually any other enterprise data source (no matter where they reside) giving you a single view of your data as if it exists in one relational database. CONNX can access all company data (no matter what database method) through a single standard point of connection, reducing integration complexity.

CONNX - Web Enablement
Vendor: CONNX Solutions
CONNX enables enterprise data with the use of any standards based development platform (such as Microsoft ASP.NET, IBM WebSphere, and Apache Tomcat), allowing you to create custom applications or use turnkey applications to leverage the Internet.

CONNX - Ad Hoc Reporting
Vendor: CONNX Solutions
CONNX enables you to quickly and easily access information from IMS databases and other data sources with virtually any tool that is compatible with ODBC and OLE DB including the CONNX desktop query tool, InfoNaut. CONNX also offers InfoNaut Professional, a desktop query and reporting tool that allows you to build queries and create reports from table information or queries.

CONNX DataSync
Vendor: CONNX Solutions
CONNX DataSync captures changes from an IMS source database and delivers them at user-defined intervals to a target data warehouse in a fraction of the time required by full extracts. This tool includes a unique incremental update feature that quickly detects with records have been added, deleted or changed and propagates the changes to the data warehouse. Synchronizations can be scheduled or performed on demand.

CONNX DataSync Transformation Server
Vendor: CONNX Solutions
CONNX DataSync Transformation Server builds on our core DataSync capabilities plus allows full ETL to occur in a heterogeneous source to target data warehouse environment. In addition, keeping the target data warehouse current at near real-time intervals at the end users request and only updating changed information. No stoppage of production processing is necessary during the updating process. Now combine IMS and/or any other data source to create data warehouses to any target database.

Control Center for IMS
Vendor: IBM
Using Control Center for IMS provides a single point of control that simplifies system management tasks in an IMSplex environment. IMS administrators can work with a consolidated system view and manage all their IMS systems from a single station.

Vendor: Standardware
COPE for IMS reduces the hardware utilization required to support multiple IMS development and test systems. It also helps reduce hardware/software upgrades. COPE for IMS allows multiple logical IMS environments to run simultaneously in a single physical IMS System.

Vendor: BMC
DATA PACKER/IMS helps maximize the customer's hardware investment while improving maintenance time and online performance. Through its multiple compression options, DATA PACKER allows the customer to select the best compression method for their unique data and provides compression of up to 80%. BMC Software's Extended Compression Architecture (XCA) to compress data helps reduce the I/O load as more data can be transferred per I/O occurrence. Associated CPU, storage media and data integrity issues are positively impacted.

Database Backup and Recovery for IMS (DBR for IMS)
Vendor: Mainstar
DBR for IMS is a storage-aware backup and recovery solution that integrates storage processor fast-replication facilities with IMS backup and recovery operations. DBR for IMS uses a system backup methodology to back up IMS databases and system data sets instantly without affecting running applications. It validates backups to ensure backups are complete and can be used for recovery. When a recovery needs to be performed, DBR for IMS determines which recovery assets to use, which recovery steps to run, and it manages the recovery process for an entire IMS system, an application, or a database. IMS data is restored in parallel with IMS recovery operations to reduce application down time. DBR for IMS transforms disaster recovery into a disaster restart process to simplify disaster recovery operations and reduce recovery time objectives (RTO). DBR for IMS simplifies IMS backup, recovery, and disaster recovery operations and empowers data management organizations with high availability solutions while reducing CPU and I/O processing costs.

Database Director
Vendor: BMC - was NEON Enterprise Software
Database Director rapidly reorganizes IMS databases while assuring 100% application availability during the process. By integrating with the powerful BMC - was NEON Enterprise Software Eclipse Reorganization Utilities, online reorganizations are performed quickly and efficiently.

DataVantage for IMS
Vendor: DataVantage—Direct Computer Resources
DataVantage for IMS moves production data into test environments quickly, improves test data management, and masks sensitive data. DataVantage for IMS is an IMS and DL/1 tool that enables quality application testing and development with an immediate return on investment.

Vendor: BMC
The DELTA IMS products (DELTA IMS DC, DELTA IMS DB/DC, DELTA IMS VIRTUAL TERMINAL, and DELTA IMS for DBCTL) allow organizations to define IMS system components, expand user access and increase the size of the network without interrupting work flow and without running IMSGENs. The four integrated products can be used together to manage the complete IMS environment through a single user interface. These products can also be used on an individual basis to provide the flexibility needed to manage a specific IMS environment.

Eclipse Backup and Recovery Utilities
Vendor: BMC - was NEON Enterprise Software
The NEON Eclipse Backup and Recovery Utilities provide a solution for all types of IMS database recovery: point-in-time, full database recovery, and mainframe disaster recovery. The solution consists of an integrated set of products: Eclipse iRecover, Eclipse iChange and Eclipse iCopy.

Eclipse iExtract
Vendor: BMC - was NEON Enterprise Software
Eclipse iExtract is a powerful utility that quickly and efficiently extracts data from both IMS full-function and Fast Path databases. Because Eclipse iExtract directly accesses the database, its performance is unmatched.

Eclipse iLM
Vendor: BMC - was NEON Enterprise Software
Eclipse iLM provides an affordable, comprehensive set of tools for cleaning and maintaining IMS and CICS libraries, including ACB, DBD, PSB, and dynamic allocation libraries, DBRC, and the DFSDDIR member of MODBLKS. By verifying that IMS-related libraries are in sync with one another, Eclipse iLM ensures database integrity and availability.

Eclipse Reorganization Utilities
Vendor: BMC - was NEON Enterprise Software
Eclipse Reorganization Utilities provide the power and functionality you need for fast IMS reorgs, and can maintain even the largest and most disorganized IMS databases. It is no longer necessary to maintain and manage separate sets of IMS utilities for the different types of databases. The solution consists of an integrated set of products that support both IMS full function and Fast Path DEDB databases: iBuild, iCheck, iCopy, iLoad, iSurvey, and iUnload.

Fast Path Enhanced Online Suite
Vendor: BMC
Fast Path Enhanced Online Suite is the premier product suite for managing DEDBs. It maximizes data availability, improves database performance, enables application enhancement through indexing, and speeds recoveries. The Fast Path Enhanced Online suite delivers ease of use and enhanced functionality to enable users to effectively plan and execute maintenance, analysis, indexing and recovery. Moreover, customers can better exploit the speed, flexibility and high capacity advantages of the IMS Fast Path database structure - while efficiently meeting its maintenance challenges.

File-AID for IMS
Vendor: Compuware
File-AID for IMS enables users to: resolve production problems quickly and securely; easily create an IMS test environment for testing applications; easily move IMS data to web or distributed applications; process high-volume, complex changes using ISPF-driven templates; create easy-to-use profiles for novice IMS developers; disguise sensitive data.

Vendor: BMC - was NEON Enterprise Software
HALO provides near-continuous availability for IMS database partitioning and other restructuring. Online outages are reduced from hours to just seconds, allowing you to partition or restructure even the most critical databases without suffering long application outages that affect your business.

IBM Transaction Analysis Workbench for z/OS
Vendor: IBM
Source: Fundi Software
IBM Transaction Analysis Workbench allows you to analyze transaction performance and behavioral problems and simplifies problem analysis. It extends the scope of traditional analysis techniques, enabling you to identify problems more easily. IBM Transaction Analysis Workbench offers a view of a transaction that shows activity across all subsystems (CICS, IMS, DB2, WebSphere MQ, …)

IMS Audit Management Expert for z/OS
Vendor: IBM
Source: Rocket Software
IBM IMS Audit Management Expert provides the ability to collect and correlate data access information from a variety of IMS resources. IMS Audit Management Expert gives auditors, and security administrators the capabilities they need to deliver accurate, timely data and reports for use in auditing activities.

IMS Cloning Tool for z/OS
Vendor: IBM
Source: Rocket Software

IBM IMS Cloning Tool reduces the time required to copy IMS databases or create an entire IMS system clone. IMS Cloning Tool facilitates upgrading to new IMS versions and reduces the time required to copy IMS databases. IMS Cloning Tool clones IMS systems without having to shut down IMS.

IMS Connect Function
Vendor: IBM
IMS Connect improves IMS TCP/IP access and enables easier access to IMS applications and data from the Internet. The functions provided by IMS Connect are indispensable for any IMS shop implementing an on demand business strategy.

IMS Connect Extension
Vendor: IBM
Source: Fundi Software

IBM IMS Connect Extensions enhances and extends the features of IMS Connect: speeding and simplifying problem determination; streamlining performance tuning and customization; and improving the availability and security of IMS Connect.

IMS Configuration Manager for z/OS (formerly IMS Parameter Manager for z/OS)
Vendor: IBM
Source: Fundi Software

IBM IMS Configuration Manager is used to analyze, modify and deploy IMS resources and parameters making changing resources and parameters quicker, easier, and more reliable. IMS Configuration Manager helps reduce the time needed to deal with system parameters as well as reducing the risk of error.

IMS Database Solution Pack for z/OS
Vendor: IBM
IBM IMS Database Solution Pack combines the entire set of IMS database products needed to manage IMS Full Function and HALDB databases into a single consolidated solution. IMS Database Solution Pack provides everything necessary to ensure databases are operational and tuned. It helps reduce the operational complexity and the impact of database reorganization on system resources.

IMS Fast Path Solution Pack for z/OS
Vendor: IBM
IBM IMS Fast Path Solution Pack combines several IMS products and all their features and functions into a single consolidated solution for managing IMS Fast Path databases. IMS Fast Path Solution Pack provides extensive and easy-to-use utilities that include all the functions database administrators need to analyzer, maintain, and tune IMS Fast Path databases. It provides features that help boost system availability such as not having to take the IMS databases offline.

IMS Performance Analyzer for z/OS
Vendor: IBM
IBM IMS Performance Analyzer has become the standard for IMS resource and performance management. IMS Performance Analyzer for z/OS, V4.1 provides end-to-end IMS Connect and IMS log reporting, revealing a transaction's life cycle through Connect and IMS.

IMS Performance Solution Pack for z/OS
Vendor: IBM
IBM IMS Performance Solution Pack provides an affordable, complete portfolio of IBM database performance management tools for faster and easier analysis of IMS transactions. IMS Performance Solution Pack provides improved productivity for problem analysts, more efficient IMS application performance, improved IMS resource utilization, and higher system availability.

IMS Problem Investigator for z/OS
Vendor: IBM
Source: Fundi Software

IBM IMS Problem Investigator provides an enhanced level of problem determination services for IMS Transaction Manager (IMS TM) and IMS Database Manager (IMS DB) systems. IMS Problem Investigator complements IMS Performance Analyzer for z/OS for enhanced log analysis and reporting. The result is improved productivity for problem analysts, more efficient IMS application performance, and higher system availability making IMS log analysis quicker and easier than ever before.

IMS Recovery Expert for z/OS
Vendor: IBM
Source: Rocket Software

IBM IMS Recovery Expert is a storage-aware back-up and recovery solution that integrates storage processor fast-replication facilities with IMS back-up and recovery operations to allow instantaneous back-ups with no application downtime, reduced recovery time, and simplified disaster recovery procedures while using less CPU, I/O, and storage resources.

IMS Recovery Solution Pack for z/OS
Vendor: IBM
IBM IMS Recovery Solution combines several IMS products into a single consolidated solution providing everything necessary to ensure the timely recovery of IMS DB assets. IMS Recovery Solution Pack allows for the simultaneous backup and recovery of multiple data set and Fast Path areas. It helps reduce the operational complexity and the impact of database backup and recovery on system resources.

IMS Sysplex Manager for z/OS
Vendor: IBM
Source: Fundi Software

IBM IMS Sysplex Manager provides features that assist with managing data sharing, shared message queues, and IMSplex components. IMS Sysplex Manager provides a central interface for managing multiple IMS systems and related components to keep IMS availability high.

Ivory Service Architect
Vendor: GT Software
Ivory Service Architect is the centerpiece of the Ivory mainframe SOA solution, instantly turning mainframe developers into service developers for rapid mainframe SOA development. With Ivory Service Architect, developers can quickly and easily create and publish Web services, developing right-sized composite business services from existing mainframe assets with little or no training, and no consulting required. Ivory Service Architect consists of: Ivory Studio - graphical modeling environment; and Ivory Server - high performance SOAP processor with runtime service orchestration & WSDL repository.

Vendor: IBM
IMS, IBM's premier transaction and hierarchical database management system, is the product of choice for critical on-line operational applications and data where support for high availability, performance, capacity and integrity, and low cost are key factors.

InSync for IMS Online
Vendor: Macro4
InSync for IMS Online provides a variety of database browsing and editing services for IMS users who do not have access to TSO. The easy-to-use interface matches the look and feel of other InSync components. Running as a user application in a Message Processing Region, InSync for IMS Online delivers a set of Edit and Browse services for IMS/DC users. Simple to install and use, it adheres to existing security protocols and has no system-level dependencies.

LegaSuite for IMS
Vendor: Seagull Software
LegaSuite for IMS is a high-performance solution for transforming IMS applications into SOA assets with no coding. Development is rapid, so results are delivered quickly. At runtime it's fast, scalable, and reliable. LegaSuite for IMS includes visual development tools and runtime middleware.

Lightning Utilities
Vendor: BMC - was NEON Enterprise Software
The NESI Lightning Utilities offer a streamlined, effective solution for IMS Fast Path DEDB database capacity and performance. The Lightning Utilities also reduce CPU usage, efficiently managing sequential dependent (SDEP) and independent overflow (IOVF) capacity to optimize performance.

Vendor: Makware, Inc<
MANLYZDD produces a list of dataset names, their disposition, program name, type (IMS/DB2), along with job name and step name from a list of Job names. JCL is expanded for overrides and symbolics. IMS program names are retrieved from the PARM parameter of DFSRRC00; DB2 programs are retrieved by expanding the SYSTSIN dataset; and IMS/DB2 programs are retrieved from the DDITV02 dataset.

MAXM Database Advisor for IMS
Vendor: BMC
The MAXM Database Advisor for IMS is an application that proactively and automatically manages full function database environment(s) across IMS and z/OS SYSPLEX's. The MAXM Database Advisor for IMS predicts threshold-exceeding space and database performance events as an exception that requires action within a user-specified lead time. This proactive notification gives the DBA advance warning so that required database maintenance can be planned and scheduled in such a way to have minimal impact on existing SLAs. The product is managed through a flexible, easy-to-use Windows based interface.

MAXM Reorg/EP for IMS
Vendor: BMC
MAXM Reorg/EP for IMS performs the fastest offline reorganization available. The one-step process completes up to 40% faster than running the individual BMC Software Extended Performance utilities sequentially. The unload, reload, index build, logical relationship processing, and post-reorg image copy are completed in a single step. You can also perform individual reorganization tasks (such as adding a secondary index). Utility Manager generates optimized reorganization JCL.

MAXM Reorg/EP for IMS with Online/Defrag Feature
Vendor: BMC
MAXM Reorg/EP for IMS with the Online/Defrag feature enables continuous availability for IMS full-function databases. The BMC-Software exclusive Online/Defrag feature reorganizes hot spots in a database with absolutely no outage. The Reorg function performs the fastest reorganization available. The unload, reload, index build, logical relationship processing, and post-reorg image copy are completed in a single step . You can also perform individual reorganization tasks (such as adding a secondary index). Utility Manager generates optimized reorganization JCL.

Vendor: Makware, Inc<
MGENMFS generates DIF/DOF, MID/MOD, and COBOL copybooks from a screen image for IMS/DC screens. Paint the screen first and use this utility to get DIF/DOF, MID/MOD, and a COBOL copybook. As the utility incorporates different MFS rules, developers with no knowledge of IMS/DC MFS can code MFS.

Mission Control
Vendor: BMC - was NEON Enterprise Software
Mission Control gives you complete control of your IMS Geoplex. Whether you have a single IMS subsystem or multiple IMSplex subsystems in multiple locations around the world, you can monitor, analyze, and manage your IMS databases, automating many of the routine tasks associated with database management.

Online Reorganization Director
Vendor: BMC - was NEON Enterprise Software
With Online Reorganization Director, you get 100% application availability during database reorganizations, and seamless integration with the IMS High Performance utilities.

Partitioned Database Facility
Vendor: BMC - was NEON Enterprise Software
Using Partitioned Database Facility (PDF) for IMS partitioning increases IMS database capacity and improves database performance, providing a cost-effective method for growing your business without impacting business applications. PDF allows you to manage capacity growth without redesigning IMS or requiring an all-or-nothing migration to partitioned databases.

Prefix Update
Vendor: BMC - was NEON Enterprise Software
Prefix Update performs IMS prefix resolution and prefix update operations in a single job step - so the process is faster and more efficient. Prefix Update eliminates the need to run two separate IMS utilities, with an intermediate file passed between the two job steps.

Vendor: Logic Online
An impact is the effect or impression of one thing on another. Impact can be thought of as the consequences of a change. RIPPLE-TRAC is used to determine the scope of change requests as a basis for accurate resource planning and scheduling, and to confirm the cost/benefit justification. RIPPLE-TRAC estimates what will be impacted in software and related documentation if a proposed software change is made. RIPPLE-TRAC helps the process of assessing the effects on other components of the system resulting from the proposed change. RIPPLE-TRAC has become a framework or body of knowledge as a tool to make the full pattern of application interdependencies clearer. Within IMS, RIPPLE-TRAC could determine the impact of changing a segment name or a particular command code or find all the modules that use 'CBLTDLI' or what segments use 'DLET' or any of the service calls.

Shadow Suite
Vendor: DataDirect Technologies
The Shadow suite of Web-enablement products can transform IMS, IMS/TM, CICS, VMS, CA-IDMS, and ADSO screen-based applications into Web enablement components. The Shadow product suite can also be used to provide a Web services/SOA solution and real-time event processing that integrates mainframe data and applications.

Vendor: SOA Software
This is a legacy modernization solution that transforms IMS applications into enterprise services, allowing the mainframe to participate in a Service Oriented Architecture-enabled environment. SOLA for IMS runs independently of any transaction management software, making it ideal for IMS-only environments. SOLA for IMS handles IMS transactions written in COBOL, PL/I, or Natural, with multiple input and output segments. SOLA for IMS also allows any mainframe program to consume services. SOLA's orchestration capabilities allow multiple IMS transactions to be executed on a single trip to the mainframe, reducing latency. SOLA for IMS can also service-enable DB2 stored procedures and SQL statements.

Vendor: AQM Solutions, a TRILOGexpert company
TriTune is the most advanced and robust application Performance Analysis and Tuning tool on the market, designed to identify and address application inefficiencies in today's massively-scaled z/OS-based systems. The product analyzes functions for IMS, CICS, DB2, and all common programming languages. APC for TriTune automates the use of TriTune, automatically detecting and alerting on runaways, starting TriTune measurements, and prioritizing tuning opportunities across the company’s entire z/OS environment.

Verastream Transaction Integrator
Vendor: Attachmate
Verastream Transaction Integrator eases IMS service enablement in an SOA environment. The product offers superior performance and reliability to meet the demands of high-throughput, high-availability, transactional environments while masking the complexity of programs developed for IMS transactional environments. It offers an intuitive graphical user interface, Verastream Transaction Designer, which provides enhanced support for complicated copybook structures. This enables virtually all IMS programs to be easily consumed and used within a simple graphical designer.

VIRTEL Web Modernization
Vendor: SysperTec Communication
VIRTEL Web Modernization (VWM) allows users to extend IMS/TS applications to standard Web browsers, and to create a rich Web 2.0 user interface that integrates legacy 3270 data flows with new AJAX functionality. With VWM there is nothing to install or support on Web clients or Web servers because VWM is a thin-client host-centric solution, and there is no need to change the application code unless wanted. VIRTEL Screen Redesigner is an accompanying workstation-based development tool that takes IBM screen definitions as input to generate HTML/JavaScript presentation templates that are used by VWM to dynamically convert the 3270 dataflow into Web pages.

VIRTEL Web Integration
Vendor: SysperTec Communication
VIRTEL Web Integration (VWI) allows the creation of interactive bidirectional connections between mainframe- and server-based applications or data, using any existing open standards, formats, or languages, including SOA, WOA, REST, XML, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, SOAP, PHP, MQ, Web services, etc. VWI is particularly well adapted to IMS Web integration because it combines high-performance and low CPU consumption to offer very high capacity and scalability, which are essential to support the high-volume throughputs that are typically associated with IMS applications. VWI is also extremely flexible, which makes it a great solution for complex integration challenges.

Vendor: Compuware
When a program problem surfaces in either a testing or production environment, developers need to get into an interactive test session with minimal effort. Xpediter/IMS assists developers to get right to the problem by allowing them to invoke interactive debugging sessions in a true IMS/DC environment.

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